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Asciento "Look Man, No Hands"
Lullacry "Be My God"
Mortiis "Parasite God"
VCR "A Song for Paul Lemos"


As Friends Rust "Won't Be the Last Time"
Audio Learning Center "The Shell"
Curse "Tattooed Rain"
Forget About Tomorrow "Broken Hearts are Blue"
Garrison "Don't Feel Bad"
Liars Academy "Kamikaze"
Park "Here On and Out"
Schatzi "Death of the Alphabet"
Sift "Helicopters"
Sift "White Carnation"
Taking Back Sunday "Cute without the 'E'
(Cut from the Team)"
VPN "American Car"


Arch Enemy "Burning Angel"
Bonescrew "Ask For Nothing"
Borknagar "Soul Sphere"
Centurian "Colosseum of Blood"
December "TheLamentConfiguration"
Devin Townsend "Earth Day"
Dim Mak "Tai Pan Snake Venom"
Dimmu Borgir "Puritania"
Headstrong "Adriana"
Immortal "Tyrants"
Kekal "Mean Attraction"
M-16 "Raza"
Rabies Caste "Got it from Blake"
Ringworm "Amputee"
Scholomance "The Next Step"
Sonata Arctic "Weballergy"
Will Haven "Carpe Diem"
Zeke "Arkansas Man"
Zimmers Hole "Re-Anaconda"
Zimmers Hole "Death to the Dodgers of Soap"

American Standard "Dayplanner"
Avoid One Thing "Yakisoba"
The Covert Agency "File 20"
The Dragons "Three Steps From the Bar"
Finch "Untitled"
Flogging Molly "Drunken Lullabies"
Hey Mercedes "Every Turn"
Manalive "The Sprawl"
Modey Lemon "Big Bang"
PipeDown "Risen Up"
River City Rebels "Small Town Pride"
Rx Bandits "Analog Boy"
Sewing with Nancie "Downsview"
Toys that Kill "Little Bit Stranger"
Virus Nine "Us and Them"
Zonic Shockum "Niema Piwa"


Bottom "Got Meth"
Electric Frankenstein "Dead On Beauty"
Gate 9 "Queen of Hades"
Gideon Smith & the Dixie Damned "Draggin' the River"
The Jive Turkeys "Nantucket Sleighride"
Jucifer "Queen B"
Lamont "Hell Hound"
Oxbow "Sawmill"
Penance "Wizards of Mind"
Porn (The Men of) "Capp Street"
Racebannon "Clubber Lang"
The Rubes "Take Your Time
(Hiding in a Cloud)"
Scott Kelly "Flower"
Solarized "Born of Fire"
Sourvein "Dirty South"
Trik Turner "Friends & Family"
Wooly Mammoth "Ten Ton Baby"
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