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Asrai "Touch In The Dark"
Backlash "Lodestar"
Beseech "Drama"
Cruciform Injection "Dead Line"
Dirty Halo "Hey"
Leave's Eyes "Lovelorn"
Liquid Mercury "Fuck it All"
Madelin Zero "Goldstar"
Mi5tergone "Black"
Monstrum Sepsis "TomThumb"
My Sixth Shadow "Useless"
Pamela Martinez "Tangled Thread Drama"
PTI "Databass"
Regenerator "Organism (All Nite Mix)"
SMP "Three O'Clock"
SPF1000 "Horror Show"
Wolfmaster "Rising Black Flags"

Book of Knots "Back On Dry Land "
Brandon Wiard "Miss Michigan"
Drop the Fear "When Memory Fails"
Evan Gold "TheSons of Consequence"
Fort Ancient "The Distance And Telling Them Apart"
Jim Baron "My World"
MataHari "Join the Parade"
Orbit Service "Dark Orange Sunset"
Riddle of Steel "One Inch Deep"
Rural Electric "Justine"
Scamper "The Proof Is Altogether Too Late"
The Bosch "The Movie Director"
The Telegenic "This Heart's Alive"
Wan Santo Condo "How Does It Feel? "

Age of Silence "The Concept Of Haste"
Amon Amarth "An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm"
Atrocity "Reich Of Phenomena"
Beat The Bone "Naked"
Blue Rose Liar "Penumbra"
Caliban "The Beloved and the Hatred"
Code Black "Killing Word"
Darkthrone " Syndicated"
Daysend "Born is the Enemy"
Drawn and Quartered "Return of the Black Death"
Dresden 45 "Prozac"
Frantic Bleep "The Expulsion"
Hyatari "Collapse"
Hypersolid "As Moments Lapse"
Kylesa "A 110 Degree Heat Index"
Leviathan "Deciphering Legend Within The Serpent's Briar"
Losa "Unsuspecting Mind"
PsyOpus "Death, I..."
R.'N'R. "Gone"
Shadows Fall "The Power of I and I"
The Hostage Heart "The First Signs Of Worldly Cancer"
Torque "Sanity Vacation"
World Bang "When Doves Cry"
Adam Richman "Broken Glass"
Alice Donut "She Tells Me Things"
Angela Foxx & the SpeedQueens "Shake the Devils Tail"
Bang Sugar Bang "The Machine Gun Song"
Bull Lee "Starfuck City"
Darlington "Shut Up & Skate"
Die Hunns "Time Has Come Today"
Gravity Propulsion System "Solvent"
Les Hell on Heels "Ain't So Cool"
Midway "Shadows"
Million Dollar Marxists "Perfect Balance"
Pensive "The 3rd of July"
The Marvels "All Alone in this World"
The Sweethearts "Crawlin'"

Amplified Heat "Roadrunner"
Bad Wizard "So Bad/So Bad"
Blow Up Daisy "She's Long Dead"
Broadzilla "Ecstasy"
Cracktorch "BMX"
Crash Kelly "She Gets Away"
Daisycutter "Do The Nasty (Club Remix)"
Greatdayforup "August, Nineteen Seventy-nine"
"Golden Arms"
Hognose "Get Your Hands Off My Neck"
Ironhead "Hotwired"
Krescent 4 "Samesong"
Nine Pound Hammer "Drunk, Tired & Mean"
Porn "Mastodon Entrée"
Red Giant "White Mom"
RPG "Stand Still Blues"
Sasquatch "Cracks In The Pavement"
Skeemin' NoGoods "I Want Something"
Slunt "Not About You"
Smoke Star "Separate"
The Bones "Do You Wanna"
The Hangmen "Wild Beast"
The Hidden "The Goat"
The Napolean Blownaparts "Unlucky Star"
The Radio Hour "Missing from the Township"
The Witnesses "Panic Attack"
Valis "Perpetual Motion Machine"
We're All Gonna Die "And Everything Went Black"
YOB "Doom #2"

Greenhaven "Southbound"
Pitty Sing "Radio"
Foamy the Squirrel "Squirrel Songs"
The Shocker "Bad Brain Good Head"

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